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Antique restorations

All done with an expert touch

Your antiques can be restored - just give us a call

Restoring antiques is something that has to be approached with caution - go too far and a valuable item can lose much of its value and its appeal.

Antiques often look good because they are worn, used, looking slightly scruffy and often, have developed a patina that can only be acquired over time.


When Grate Restorations restore an item we take care to preserve that which makes it appealing whilst, at the same time, making sure that it works well and looks great.

Do you have something to restore?

Stop - don't start cleaning, polishing or otherwise attacking your item, you could do more harm than good and scrub away years of value.

Instead, bring it to us, or give us a call, and we'll come and take a look if it's something that needs restoration in Belfast or surrounding area.

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Come and see examples of antique restoration in Belfast

A visit to our showroom will let you appreciate the sheer quality of our restoration work. Your antique item is safe in our hands and you can be sure that it will be restored carefully and sympathetically.

If you are looking for a ready-restored item, perhaps one of our superb restored antique fireplaces or stoves, then take a few minutes to call in on our showroom - we look forward to meeting you.

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