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Fireplace restorations

Let the experts help

We can restore your fireplace to its former glory

Over the years a fireplace can take quite a few knocks, not to mention the wear and tear caused by constant daily use, especially during the Winter months.

The result is a fireplace that no longer performs as well as it should and which is no longer as good as it used to be either.

Luckily, we are able to help with all of that. We can take your antique fireplace and restore it using authentic materials and methods to make it look at its best once more.

We also restore stoves and a range of other items including garden furniture and antique light fittings.

What else do we restore?

At Grate Restorations, we can restore almost anything, and frequently do.

Garden furniture can often be given many more years of useful life, antique light fittings can be made to look very impressive again - these are just two examples of things that we are often asked to restore.

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Take time to visit our showroom

The best way to appreciate what can be done with things which appear to be old and past their useful time, is to visit the Grate Restorations showroom in Belfast - click here to find the details.

We always have a good selection of restored antiques and other items on show and remember - no two items are ever exactly the same so there is a good chance of finding something that no one else will have.

For fireplace restorations and a lot more - call us soon.