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Restoration sales

Carefully restored items ready for you to take away

If you don't want to wait for a stove, fireplace or grate

We restore, we sell

Although we are always happy to restore your stove, fireplace, grate or garden furniture - plus many other things too numerous to mention here - we always have an exciting range of restored items on show.

Call in at our Belfast showroom soon.

We sell:

 •  Restored fireplaces

 •  Restored stoves

 •  Restored furniture

 •  Restored light fittings

If you have a restoration project

We can restore almost anything so it's always worth a phone call, or better still a visit, to discuss your project with us. We'll advise you as to what can and cannot be done and give you a good idea as to the cost.


Contact Grate Restorations today - 07842407733

That's fine. Although we will restore almost anything, when you work to the high standards that we do then it can take a while to get the job done. There is an alternative to waiting though - we always have on show, in our Belfast showroom, a range of already restored fireplaces for sale as well as other items that you can purchase and take away with you.  


Our stock is always changing and every item is unique so our restoration sales are different every day. Why not pay us a visit and see what's available right now?